Overview of my year 2017 book reviews and QRCs

2017 was a fruitful book year. I wrote many book reviews including corresponding quick reference cards and several personal insights, and views on specific topics in the field of project, program and portfolio management and I wrote two books Scaling agile in organisaties, and Agile with a smile.

overview 2017 (reviews, 171222) v1.0

Agile portfolio management


Project management and PMO


overview 2017 (reviews + QRCs, 171222) v1.0

Quick Reference Cards:

  • QRC AgilePfM
  • QRC P3M3
  • QRC Best Value Project Management
  • QRC How to do projects – A Nordic flavour to managing projects
  • QRC Manage your project portfolio
  • QRC Goal Driven Agile
  • QRC De Team-ontwikkeling-schijf
  • QRC Overtuigen
  • QRC The agility shift
  • QRC The Relational Web
  • QRC Lean UX

2 responses to “Overview of my year 2017 book reviews and QRCs

  1. The Pointy Haired Manager

    Wow thank you so much for all the effort, insights, and quick reference cards. Kudos to you for sharing so openly and not requiring me to sign a form to access your content.

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