A new kid on the PM methodology block: The Half Double Methodology

halfdoubleIn my last review (How to DO projects), I found a reference to a new Danish initiative “Project Half Double” A journey to conceptualize a new project management methodology through research and the collection of best practice methods. Furthermore, to experiment with the methodology on selected real life projects and gather learnings – and in the process, engage a leading community of project practitioners.

Looks like I must update my lost in standards article again.

At this moment, you can find on the corresponding website an explanation of the methodology, many, many youtube movies, a book in progress (the thirst three chapters can be downloaded (great layout, easy to read, nice content), example projects and a community to co-create this methodology.

looks like a promising methodology making use of best practises from the traditional as well as lean-agile world. So it can be used in a hybrid project environment.

See: http://www.projecthalfdouble.dk/en/


4 responses to “A new kid on the PM methodology block: The Half Double Methodology

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