PRINCE2 2017 Update, the same but better!

Tprince2-2017oday AXELOS announced the upcoming arrival of the new PRINCE2 2017 Update. It was in 2009 when the previous version was presented and this could mean that product is not being used or is already rather mature. I think the latter is the case and that’s what we can conclude too if we look at this new version. It’s a thorough but evolutionary update; same seven principles, themes and processes remain.

As one of the reviewers for the AXELOS PPM product family I took part in several review rounds for this new PRINCE2 Update, so I have already read the draft manual.

There is now, in the new manual, a much stronger emphasis on tailoring. In the previous version, it was a separate chapter, and not examined, and now it’s a thread running throughout the method as well as the exam.  You will also get a much stronger emphasis on the principles, and the practical application of PRINCE2 is much better explained. This will help to get rid of the misconception that PRINCE2 is a waterfall approach to project management.

Some changes in more detail:

  • Better link between themes and principles
  • Tailoring guidelines on the level of individual themes and processes are added
  • New chapter on adopting PRINCE2 in an organization
  • Tailoring guidelines for the management products are added
  • Tailoring guidelines regarding roles are added
  • Throughout the manual many hints and tips
  • Any bias against agile is removed, on several places you will find references to agile approaches
  • Instead of ‘corporate or programme management’ we now have ‘corporate, programme management or customer’
  • PRINCE2 terminology better aligned with ISO21500 and BS6079 and differences are explained
  • Progress theme is not talking about ‘technical stages’ anymore. New terms: ‘development approach’ e.g. agile, waterfall and ‘development step’ e.g. iteration in agile
  • The ‘strategies’ e.g. risk management strategy, are now called ‘approaches’
  • The ‘benefits review plan’ is replaced by the ‘benefits management approach’
  • ‘Daily log’ and ‘lessons report’ are no longer included in appendix A. The ‘lessons log’ should be treated as a view of the ‘lessons log’.

Benefits of this PRINCE2 2017 Update are:

  • Builds on your existing investment in PRINCE2;
  • You will get the best out of PRINCE2
  • It equips practitioners with practical skills and tools
  • New exams test candidates in a fairer and more valuable way
  • Practical, accessible, authoritative, relevant guidance for anyone managing a project
  • Doesn’t impact PRINCE2 Agile.

Some final facts:

  • Official book launch May 2017 (English, other languages, e.g. Dutch, Polish, German, … as of 2018 and beyond)
  • Exams as of mid 2017, as of 2018 only PRINCE2 2017 Update exams
  • PRINCE2 2017 Update Foundation exam: tailoring added, now 60 questions
  • PRINCE2 2017 Update Practitioner exam: focus on practical skills, all parts are now included, 75 questions
  • No PRINCE2 2017 Update re-certification exam anymore
  • Current PRINCE2 version 2009 Practitioner certificate expiry dates remain valid
  • See also:

10 responses to “PRINCE2 2017 Update, the same but better!

  1. Thanks Henny – It looks as if PRINCE2 2017 is going to be a lot more focused on using PRINCE2 (Tailoring) which is great to see. Thanks again for the posting and good overview.

  2. Michael Fleron

    Thank you for the in depth updates of the Manual. As I read it, it is now far more aligned with, what we trainers have been training – tailoring is the essence.

  3. Thank you Henny it certainly looks a good positive update. I need to redo my exam this year as it has expired again. Looks like I am better off waiting until the end of 2017 to take it.

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  5. Thank you. I’m going to join a prince2 three days workshop next week. They have given me a 2009 edition. I understand it will take few more months before 2017 material will be released. I have partly paid the fee for the exam. Please advise if I can go ahead with 2009 or wait until the 2017 update release

  6. Dear Sue, you can go ahead. No need to wait for the next version. Success with your exam. Regards Henny

    • Thank You Henny 🙏🏼

      I was little concerned whether to go ahead or not. I have started the preparation and will continue with my study. I shall keep you posted.

      Have a Great Weekend.

      Thanks Sue

  7. Hi Henny – I did the training for the 2009 foundation and purchased the handbook. If I want to take the 2017 exam, do I need to buy the new handbook, or do you think that little enough has changed for me to pass the exam using the first edition?

    • hennyportman

      Hi Matthew, if you passed for 2009 foundation there is no need to go for 2017 Foundation if you will continue with PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner. If you didn’t passed, I think you can look on the internet for the biggest changes and you could go for the Foundation exam without buying the new handbook. on you can download a content summary and Chapter 4, Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2. Success with your exam.

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