Review: Bedtime stories for project managers

bedtimeMarisa Silva asked me to review her book ‘Bedtime stories for project managers: and others with trouble sleeping’.

It is a nice little booklet where you will get eleven fairy tales and a comparison with project management aspects, a theoretical explanation, the morale of the story from a project management perspective and how to cope with this aspect via a process, procedure or techniques and you will get references to related literature. It’s easy to read, it will fresh up your memory regarding the fairy tales and it give some food for thought as a project manager.

The following fairy tales are discussed:

  The fairy tale The project management perspective
1 Emperor’s new clothes Executives believing in their own weak business case (and are influenced by cognitive biases, pet projects, political games)
2 The stone soup Keep the project scope creep under control
3 The three little pigs the project manager’s risk appetite and risk management
5 The chicken and the pig are you involved or committed?
6 The little red riding hood Follow the critical path
7 The six blind men and the elephant As a project manager, you need to hold a holistic and integrated vision
8 The wolf in sheep’s clothing Watermelon reporting instead of transparent and honest reporting
9 The old man, the boy and the donkey Impossible for a project manager to please everyone
10 The boy who cried wolf Usage of project management ethics
11 The bed of Procrustes Tailor to suit the project management environment

To order:Bedtime stories for project managers (eBook)

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