Portman PM[O] Consultancy

PMO consultingPortman PM[O] Consultancy is an expert agency in the field of project, program and portfolio management and provides a practical translation to a better project return in practice.

Portman PM[O] Consultancy is a recognized forerunner in the field of project, program and portfolio management. The partners of Portman PM[O] Consultancy have been involved from the beginning in the implementation of best practices such as MoP, MSP and PRINCE2 and in the Netherlands. The training portfolio includes agile frameworks like AgilePgM, MoP, SAFe et cetera. Our consultancy partners have several publications to their name and have published several books in this field.

What we do

We help our clients to turn strategy into reality by ensuring their PPM capabilities enable the delivery of corporate objectives. At this moment we offer the following types of consultancy:

  • P3M3 Maturity assessments + advise (portfolio, programme and project level)
  • Project Management Maturity quick scan workshop
  • On site coaching /support to help our clients implement P3M3
  • Coaching (Organization, team, individual)
  • (Agile) Portfolio, Programme, Project and PMO training classes. Certification possible for SAFe, MoP, AgilePgM, others in cooperation with others.
  • Scaling agile workshops (introduction agile frameworks)

P3M3 Maturity assessment + advice (portfolio, programme and project level)

 What is P3M3?

P3M3 is a maturity model that measures an organization’s capability with regards to its portfolio, programme and project management practices. This measurement is expressed as a ‘maturity level’ that indicates an organization’s current capability in these practices.

An organization’s maturity is a measure of its ability to implement continuous improvement, and a maturity model, like P3M3, is a management tool that can be used to diagnose root causes, assess current capability, and demonstrate improvement. It also acts as a roadmap to achieving performance targets. P3M3 can be used independently of your chosen project, programme or portfolio management method or framework.

How does P3M3 work?

P3M3 is broken down into three models, reflecting portfolio (PfM3), Programme (PgM3) and Project (PjM3) Management. Each of these models has five maturity levels:

  • Level 1: awareness of process
  • Level 2: repeatable process
  • Level 3: defined process
  • Level 4: managed process
  • Level 5: optimized process

These maturity levels are a measure of an organization’s ability to deliver repeatable results – the higher up the curve the more predictable the outcome.

P3M3 (HWP model, 190816) v1.0There are seven perspectives applicable within each of the models:

  • Organizational Governance: Why we want to do what projects / programmes / portfolios
  • Management Control: Verifying that projects / programmes / portfolios progress as planned and within their authority
  • Benefits Management: Ensuring / proving our projects / programmes / portfolios are / were worthwhile doing in the eyes of the stakeholders
  • Financial Management: Getting and managing the money to do it
  • Stakeholder Management: Involving those who care and those who need to care
  • Risk Management: Managing uncertainty
  • Resource Management: Making sure we have the capacity to deliver

Explanation step-by-step P3M3 assessment

P3M3 (HWP approach, 190816) v1.0For an optimal result, we divide our activities in the following steps:

Intake (1)– In consultation with the client, the assignment is scoped, and the final approach of the assignment is agreed. The most important areas are determined, and it is agreed which projects, programmes and portfolio will be examined in more detail and which documents are needed for this and will be provided by the client. Furthermore, it will be agreed who will be interviewed and who will be invited to participate in the online assessments. Finally, the different dates of the interviews and the reports will be determined. Agreements will be recorded in a brief report.

Document study (2) – In this phase the agreed standards and the existing plans, reports, process designs and where necessary the progress reports of the selected projects, programmes and portfolio are studied to get an idea of the applicable standards in your organization and to get a picture how far these standards are applied in practice. When on-site the current PPM tooling can be analysed too. Based on the document study recommendations can be formulated.

Setting up and assessing questionnaires (3)– The online assessment is organized, and the relevant persons are invited to participate in the questionnaire. We provide basic texts for the invitations and for the explanation of the questionnaire. Participants: all interviewees, all project leaders and other stakeholders. 

Preparing, conducting interviews (4)– In this phase the face-to-face interviews are held. It is important that the aim, the approach and what happens to the results of the interviews are communicated well in advance with all those involved and that the persons to be interviewed receive the questionnaire with the accompanying explanation. The results from the document study and the online assessment serve as a reference for this. At the same time, we monitor the progress of the online assessments. Both in the interviews and in the online assessments the current method of working and the existing bottlenecks are being questioned as well as the desired maturity across the various perspectives.

Optional: In addition, during the interviews, we will look more closely at certain aspects of the P3M3 assessment so that we can optimally align the improvement advice with your organizational context, indicate starting points for quick wins and allow improvement steps to be supported by cultural values ​​and intrinsically present organizational ambitions.

Analyzing results + draft advice report (5)– The results of the document study, the online assessment and the interviews determines the maturity level of the project approach in general and of the various perspectives in particular. An overview of improvement points will be given. The result of the analyses will be discussed with you in the form of a draft report (Skype call).

Optional: In doing so, findings regarding organizational context and culture are also considered and recommendations will be made to ensure that the assurance of improvement steps is as pragmatic as possible to the positive potential of the organizational context.

 Workshop (6) – Optional: Initial findings are presented to a work group, along with recommendations for further development, and these are then prioritized. HWP consultants document the findings and collaborate with the work group to develop a high-level plan for implementing recommendations. 

final advice report (7) – On this basis you can establish a realistic level of ambition of the organization across the various sub-areas. In the final advisory report, the current maturity and the level of ambition will be indicated for both the project approach as a whole and for the various sub-areas separately and recommendations will be included on how the project management approach can be strengthened in the short term. On request we can present the results to key stakeholders.


Depending on the scope of the assessment and the number of interviews, our assessment team will capture current data, establish a measurable baseline for current capability and develop practical measures that will develop maturity in your project management delivery within 2 – 8 weeks.


Depending on the scope of the assessment:

  • Project, programme and/or portfolio management questionnaires
  • Number of documents to analyze
  • Number of interviews (preparation, interview, reporting). In case organizational context and culture is part of the assessment 2 HWP consultants will conduct the interview and write the advice
  • Draft advice report
  • Workshop (preparation, execution, reporting)
  • Final advice report
  • Board level presentation (preparation, presentation)


  • Midsize financial institute: (Dutch: P3M3 assessment (voorbeeld, 181002) v1.0
  • Blood laboratory (Project Management Assessment)
  • Dutch University (Portfolio Management Assessment)
  • Leading European Electricity Transmission System Operator (Project Management Assessment)

Relevant publications

  • Portman, Henny, Using P3M3 to improve the maturity of your PMO, AXELOS white paper, March 15, 2022
  • Portman, Henny, Using P3M3 in an agile environment, AXELOS white paper, March 14, 2022

Information / contact

Henny Portman +31 6 21512 987

Project Management Maturity quick scan workshop

During this session insight is given into the Portfolio, Program, Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3 of AXELOS). To give the session practical tools, we propose to use a self-assessment (questionnaire) of your own project management maturity. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the group can decide where the greatest need for improvement is desired (dot voting). Subsequently, the most important points can be worked out in smaller groups and shared with the entire group. Finally, further follow-up steps can be agreed.

impressieGlobal program of the workshop

  • 1300-1315 Introduction
  • 1315-1420 Introduction P3M3 model and feedback survey results.
  • 1420-1430 Determine which subjects will be further elaborated. Everyone places three dots. Top 3 of cases to be taken up is determined.
  • 1430-1445 Pause
  • 1445-1530 Working out topics. Split into four groups to elaborate on the chosen topics.
  • 1530-1550 Plenary explanation by the various groups.
  • 1550-1600 Determine next steps.

Pricing: preparation + workshop: 1 day

Information / contact

Henny Portman +31 6 21512 987

Scaling agile workshops (introduction agile frameworks)

During this 1.5 hour session insight is given into the forest of agile frameworks (using the book ‘Scaling Agile in organisaties’ and ‘The bird’s eye view on the agile forest’). Another topic is scaling of one agile team to teams of teams and the role, if any, of the project manager (using the book ‘Scaling Agile in organisaties’ and ‘Will the PM survive in the agile world?‘). Frameworks to be discussed e.g. SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Spotify, AgilePgM/MSP (Or different ones on request).

Pricing based on 3 hours: preparation + session + pdf slide deck and in the Netherland for each attendee the book Scaling Agile in organisaties.

If needed specific agile block(s) could be added with topics like:

  • Agile filosophy and principles
  • Differences between incremental and iterative
  • Differences between MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and MMP (Minimum Marketable Product)
  • Culture makes or breaks an agile transition

Pricing: 0.5 hour preparation + 0.5 hour presentation for each topic.

Information / contact

Henny Portman +31 6 21512 987