Goal Driven Agile

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-15 om 11.09.35In my latest book Scaling agile in organisaties (in Dutch) I described around 30 (scaling) agile frameworks. All these frameworks are there to scale the product delivery by organizing the way how more and more agile teams can work together.

I came across a whitepaper from Xebia describing a new framework: Goal Driven Agile. This approach is not about scaling delivery but about scaling Business Agility.

Goal Driven Agile rests on three main pillars: autonomy, alignment and structured improvement. It’s a very simple framework and consists of only one base structure, the diamond, five roles and ten building blocks.

Goal Driven Agile (QRC, 170902) v1.0To download the QRC: Goal Driven Agile (QRC, 170902) v1.0


  • Department lead: Maximize goal value & achievement per department
  • Value stream lead: Maximize goal value & achievement per value stream
  • HR lead: Maximize goal achievement potential
  • Team: Maximize effectiveness towards achieving goals
  • Coach: Internalize the framework

Building blocks

  1. Department ambition
  2. Department change portfolio meeting
  3. Value stream ambition
  4. Value stream portfolio meeting
  5. Value stream performance meeting
  6. Team goals
  7. Team performance meeting
  8. Role performance meeting
  9. Impediment cascade
  10. Goal driven culture


The diamond showing the five roles and the relations.

In one diamond, you can have four value streams. Every value stream can have max four teams. One team consists max 9 people (Scrum team) you can have 144 team members, 1 Department lead, 4 Value stream leads and 4 HR leads. In total 153 people (compare with the ‘Dunbar’ number of 150).

The diamond shape can be multiplied to scale-up by using the Department lead as the central point to add more diamonds, but only in case when there are shared goals. Such a super diamond structure contains 600 people and these can be scaled-up too.


I am looking forward to case studies using this set-up. I am curious to know how autonomy works out in a situation with both the Value stream lead as well as the HR lead facilitating the team. But reading the whitepaper it looks promising to think about setting up the organization in this ‘diamond’ structure to achieve more business agility, something agile frameworks are lacking.

You can download the whitepaper on: pages.xebia.com/whitepaper-goal-driven-agile

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