MSP: Stakeholder management, a refresh

I received questions regarding clarification of stakeholder management from various people. This is a good opportunity to refresh some MSP theory regarding stakeholder management.

Dia1In the middle of the picture you see the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (0). This strategy, prepared by the Programme Manager during Defining the Programme, describes the framework that will enable effective stakeholder engagement and communication. In other words, the strategy, like all other strategies within PRINCE2 or MSP describes the HOW.

In this article I describe all the steps (Identify-Analyse-Plan-Engage-Measure) and I will give outlines of the relevant stakeholder engagement documents too:

  • Stakeholder Map
  • Stakeholder Profiles
  • Stakeholder Register
  • Stakeholder influence/interest matrix, power/interest matrix
  • Communications Plan

To download the article: MSP (Stakeholder management, 141121) v1.0

Success with the engagement of your stakeholders.

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