MoP Practice 4: Balance. How to get a balanced portfolio?

Dia1The purpose of the ‘balance’ practice is to ensure that the resulting portfolio is balanced in terms of factors such as timing, coverage of all strategic objectives, impact across the business, stage of initiative development, overall risk/return profile, and available resources.

You have to ask yourself if your prioritized list of initiatives (of all categories or segments) is still optimum.

This article is divided into the following paragraphs:

  • Factors to take into account if your prioritized list of initiatives is still optimum
  • Possible graphical representations to support decision making
  • Keys to successful balancing

Dia26To download: MoP (practice 4 Balance, 141109) v0.1

This article will be used in a new book MoP practices in practice, for portfolio managers who want to embed the MoP theory in their organization. In the coming months several blog posts and articles will be published waiting for your feedback. To see all, select the tag MoP_practices_in_practice.

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