Remote Agility Framework

Just published the New bird’s eye view on the agile forest (PMWJ) and I can already make an adjustment (will it ever stop?).

Designed for all levels of business (enterprise, team of teams and teams), Remote Agility Framework (remote:af) is an evolution to your ways of working to overcome the modern challenge of distributed teams. 

  • Enterprise: Make strategy accessible to enable autonomous decision making with directional alignment. 
  • Team of Teams: Align teams with data for effective planning, governance and delivery.
  • Teams: Design teams to evolve to fit the nature of the problem that they are solving (mission, product and operating teams).

remote:af is designed to enhance existing frameworks, enabling remote working while providing lightweight guidance for those new to agility.

It’s based on the following principles: enterprise principles (trust in people, strategy evolves, clarity is king, and remote but responsible), team of teams principles (all teams are equals, pass things gently, help each other, and measure what counts) and teams principles (respect circumstance, work smaller, further, but closer, and tool the F up).

In the framework we see enterprise-based events (strategy and scoring), team of teams-based events (all hands planning, review and retrospective) and team events (team planning, review and reflection).

More detailed information can be found on their website

This framework can be positioned in the culture-targeted box in my bird’s eye view on the agile forest. See:

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