Flow framework, a new twig in the agile forest

The goal of the Flow frameworktm (developed by Mike Kersten) is to bring Scrum and Agile concepts to the business while providing a higher level of abstraction than agile teams work with day to day. The framework scales the three ways of DevOps – flow, feedback, and continuous learning – to the entire business. User stories and story points are layered over by the four Flow items: features (new business value), defects (quality), risk (security, governance, compliance), and debt (removal of impediments to future delivery). Flow distribution makes priorities visible. Using the Flow Framework if a scaling framework, such as SAFe, LeSS or Nexus, is in place, could lead to greater success.

  • From project & cost centers to product value streams
  • From siloes & proxy services to flow metrics & business results
  • From fragmented value streams to integrated value stream network

Schermafdruk 2020-06-08 10.59.02

51Cp6XKhvkLThe corresponding book:

To order (managementboek.nl): From project to product

To order (amazon.com): From project to product

For more information: https://flowframework.org/

Youtube: Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT & Business – Mik Kersten

In my bird’s eye view I positioned the Flow framework in the product targeted box. I see the Flow framework as a sort of add on for SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, et cetera.Agile Myths Busted (webinar PMI Bulgaria, Belgium, IPMA NL, 200429) v1.0

See my blog for the complete Bird’s eye view on the agile forest article.

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