The Business Technology Standard

The Business Technology Standard (or BT Standard, 4th edition) is an open-source management framework to plan, build and run information technology in today’s technology-driven business world.

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It gives a comprehensive picture of how to manage the overall business technology organization with pragmatic governance without compromising speed and agility. Using the Business Technology Standard on top of practices such as SAFe and DevOps for agile development and ITIL for service management, enables holistic management of different technology management functions.

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The Business Technology Standard consists of three complementary and consistent models and perspectives for unified information and digitalization management:

  • Operating model to define value creating flows and disciplines
  • Capability model to define disciplines and associated capabilities
  • Roles and responsibilities model to define identities, roles and responsibilities.

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The Business Technology Standard introduces several unique elements addressing the current challenges many organizations are facing with the digital development such as:

  • Value streams to cope with business diversity and differences in speed, agility and culture
  • Minimum viable governance to balance flexibility and governance in decision-making
  • Multi-speed development flows to respect development method differences (gate based development, sprint-based development and change request based development)
  • Unified roles to clarify the roles and responsibilities in a unified way.

On the corresponding website you can click on every elements of each model to get detailed information. You can download the BT Standard too (pdf, 135 pages):

I added this framework in my ‘Bird’s eye view on the Agile forest’ article. See:

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