PRINCE2 SmartTabs versus Portman’s PRINCE2 tabs

smarttabs p2In 2010 I developed a first set of tabs as an aid to pass your PRINCE2 Practioner exam. As of that moment I developed these tabs for many other methods like MSP, MoP, P3O, AgilePM, PRINCE2 Agile et cetera.
If I compare these SmartTabs with the one I developed is see similarities and differences:
  • Both have been create to help users to find and access relevant key sections of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® quickly while studying Foundation and in the open book Practitioner examinations.
  • Both deliver tabs to access sections for principles, themes and processes
  • In addition, Portman’s PRINCE2 tabs delivers tabs to access individual management products and individual roles and responsibilities
  • In addition, PRINCE2® Smart Tabs have QR codes which, when scanned, link users to further online resources which closely align to the core guidance for learning and exam preparation. These resources can be videos, the PRINCE2 Wiki, blogs, tutorials, et cetera.

PRINCE2 SmartTabssmarttabs prince2Portman’s PRINCE2 tabsPRINCE2_update_2017_UK_v2

Conclusion both will work but I am somewhat biased if I look at my own tabs, so you have to judge for yourself too. To accomodate your study the SmartTabs are a better fit, to support you during your practitioner exam I prefer my own tabs.
To download (and print on sticker paper) or order (die-cut stickers): Portman’s PRINCE2 tabs (€3.50)
To order: PRINCE2 SmartTabs (£15.00)

4 responses to “PRINCE2 SmartTabs versus Portman’s PRINCE2 tabs

  1. PRINCE2 SmartTabs versus Portman’s PRINCE2 tabs is good article. As a student of Prince2 Online course the content is precious for me. Thanks for the great information

  2. Heya! I used your tabs and they made my exam a lot more relaxed. It was really a big help.
    Thank you for your efforts!

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