PRINCE2 Update 2017: manual supporting tabs

9780113315338-480x600Now the new PRINCE2 Update 2017 manual is available (click to to order PRINCE2 Update 2017), I updated the PRINCE2 manual supporting tabs as well.

The Dutch Best Practice User Group (BPUG) will offer pre-punched papers with stickers representing the colored tabs. I hope it will help you to pass the exam.

PRINCE2_update_2017_UK_v2 To download a printable version (and print on a sticker paper): PRINCE2_update_2017_UK_v2


I received a question how to stick/position the tabs into the manual. If you look at the picture of the manual (bottom/middle of the A4 sticker page) you see some colored bars. These bars represent the tabs and gives the position. There are several colored groups:

  • Appendices D, E, Glossary: Gray (place on pages 369 – 349); At the right side of the pages, start from bottom to top
  • roles and responsibilities: orange (place on pages 347 – 339); At the right side of the pages, start from bottom to top before Appendix D
  • Appendix B Standards alignment: gray (place on 333); At the right side of the pages, before roles
  • the management products: green (place on pages 331 – 293); At the right side of the pages, start from bottom to top
  • Considerations for organizational adoption: gray (place on page 271); right side of the page, at the top
  • the processes: blue (place on pages 259 – 157); At to top side of the pages, start right from the black tab and then to the left
  • the themes: yellow (place on pages 147 – 45); At to top side of the pages, start from right till left
  • tailoring and adopting PRINCE2: black (place on page 29); left from the themes
  • the principles: red (place on page 19); left from tailoring and adopting

Nederlandse versie Managen van Succesvolle projecten met PRINCE2

9780113315529-480x600Ondertussen heb ik ook de vraag gekregen om voor de Nederlandse uitgave de tabs te vervaardigen.

Bestellen: Managen van Succesvolle projecten met PRINCE2

PRINCE2_update_2017_NLDe tabs kunnen via Best Practice User Group (BPUG) besteld worden of zelf afgedrukt worden op sticker-papier en met een schaar worden uitgeknipt.

Downloaden: PRINCE2_update_2017_NL



15 responses to “PRINCE2 Update 2017: manual supporting tabs

  1. Excellent initiative, thanks to all members of the Dutch BPUG for a job very well done. Friends helping friends does make the world a nice place to live in.

  2. Tried registering in BPUG couple of times, and also sending an e-mail; no response yet.

  3. Hi Makarand, I wil check with BPUG.

  4. Hi Henny,

    Could you give us the 2017 tab page numbers like you did for the 2009 version?


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  6. Clinton Casteller

    Hi Henry, any idea how I can go about purchasing a copy of your tabs? Attempted to register on BPUG but it is in dutch. I am based in the UK if that helps.
    Many Thanks

  7. Clinton Casteller

    Thanks Henry, I will drop you an email and we can take it from there.
    Kind Regards

  8. Johann Erasmus

    Big thank you from my side – we are in lockdown and no ways to order these from the website in time for my exam end of the month – I printed these out on a4 and stuck them on my book now. thank you for help!

  9. Richard Fitz Fitzgerald

    Hi Henry, I found you via Google, as I am taking the exam soon. These PRINCE2 manual tabs look brilliant! How can I order these, please? Same query as Clinton above. I cannot see how to order the printed, laser cut ones. I would also like the Agile set as I am doing these next. I prefer these to the official Prince 2 tabs as they are more visual and stand out more.



  10. Meranda winter

    Hi I would like to purchase these tabs but cannot find a link to purchase

  11. I love the supporting tabs! I am preparing for my Practitioner Exam using PRINCE 2 Manual 6th Edition (2017).

    Where do I order them from? I am assuming that they are sticky tabs.

    Other tips for preparation will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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