PRINCE2 in practice: communication plan update

The current communication plan building block only contains the communication action plan. But before you can create these actions you must be aware of the background and the communication issue. What must be the result of the communication: knowledge transfer, change in attitude or behavior? The adjusted building block takes this into account.

The Communication Management Strategy describes the objective, the message, the planning, the means and those responsible for project communication.

Before you create your Communication Actions you must be aware about the background from a communication perspective. Are there negative emotions which need to be addressed? What is the communication issue in terms of knowledge, attitude and/or behavior? Based on this analysis it becomes clear what communication has to take place and this is your starting point to create the Communication Action Plan.

In terms of project communication, think of news letters on the corporate intranet, presentation sessions and formal reports for the benefit of the Project Board and the stakeholders.

For the purpose of the Communication plan an analysis of those involved (stakeholder analysis) is useful. Establish their interest in the results of the project. Ask yourself what information stakeholders need and how often they would wish to receive such information.

Decide how communication on project level is integrated within the Communications Plan on programme level if your project is part of a programme.


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