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Less paper, more dialogues, more benefits

Program CanvasDuring the IPMA 2014 World Congress I came accross The Program Canvas version 3.0. This one-pager could be used to collect the needed information for a program. Theo van der Tak, Björn Prevaas and Hans Cremer developed it and were inspired by the Business Model Canvas.

A nice initiative and it fits in my opinion perfectly in my building block approach I developed some years ago. This building block approach is a practical way to avoid bulky, inaccessible, standalone, and illegible documents. Documentation must show the essence and must be the result of communication between the project manager and their stakeholders. See: Building blocks

The Program Canvas  is divided into 16 areas to fill in the needed information. The order to fill in these areas is not arbitrary following The Golden Circle approach – why, how, what – of Simon Sinek.

  1. WHY this program (context, Ambition, Reasons)?
  2. HOW are we going to realize its ambition (Objectives, Strategy, Stakeholders)?
  3. WHAT are the specific objectives and activities of the program (Outputs, Benefits, Activities)?
  4. WHAT does the program NOT cover (Out of scope, Undesired outcomes)?
  5. WITHIN what will the program be executed (Threats, Opportunities, Constraints)?
  6. WHO is doing what in the program (governance)?
  7. WITH which resources the program will be implemented (Key resources)?

You can find more information on their website www.werkenaanprogrammas.nl. The site is in Dutch but the Program Canvas related downloads are in English. Here you can download a small booklet to introduce the Program Canvas. This booklet was also presented during the IPMA conference.