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AgilePgM manual tabs

HWP Consulting received the ATO and trainer accreditation to give AgilePgM training classes. AgilePgM will be part of our Agile Programme Management training where we blend AgilePgM and Leadership into one training (There are still some open positions for the March 10-11, 2020 class I give together with Björn Prevaas (In Dutch. See: https://www.hwptraining.nl/index.php/agilepgm).

I am happy to announce that as of now, AgilePgM candidates can make use of a simple aid to quickly find your way in the official AgilePgM manual during e.g. studying for your exam (there is no AgilePgM Practitioner examination yet). These tabs (place marks) are developed in line with the successful tabs I developed for the PRINCE2 manual.Agile PgM Manual tabs 2014 v1

To download: Agile PgM Manual tabs 2014 v1