Review Getting started in project data

AI and more specific AI and project management gets more and more attention. The key to this development, however, is project data. Getting started in project data is a report that helps you to get a first understanding of project data analytics.

The guide from the APM contains contributions from Alex Robertson, Andy Murray, Gareth Parkes, and Martin Paver.

Project data analytics is the use of past and current project data to enable effective decisions on project initiation, delivery, and efficient automation of project tasks.  This can be done in three ways: 

  • by using algorithms to respond to data inputs to perform routine tasks faster with fewer errors than if processed manually 
  • by collecting, cleaning, analysing, structuring, and presenting data in the most effective format to make better decisions
  • by using it to predict future performance to make timely decisions and actions.

The report shows how you can make a tactical start and take a strategic approach with project data analytics.

The report is available at

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