My virtual world tour in search for the best PMO

Today I finished my tasks as judge in the 2021 World PMO of the Year Award competition organized by the PMO Global Alliance. This was the third time in a row and every time I am amazed how many excellent high performing PMOs there are. It’s not only a judging process. As a judge you can learn a lot from those PMO presentations.

The regional award winners and finalists for the 2021 World PMO of the Year Award are:

  • 2021 Africa PMO of the Year Award Winner: City of Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)
  • 2021 Asia-Pacific PMO of the Year Award Winner: Dubai Municipality (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
  • 2021 Europe PMO of the Year Award Winner: Raiffeisen Bank (UKRAINE)
  • 2021 The Americas PMO of the Year Award Winner: One Link (EL SALVADOR)

I made a virtual tour around the world to see those excellent PMOs, with visits at:

  • Bulgaria
  • El Salvador
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Ireland
  • Kuwait
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates

PMO Global Alliance offers a PMO of the year award (worldwide, continent, country. See They don’t use a scoring mechanism but a single-elimination, knockout, or sudden death tournament. There are no separate assessors and judges. As a judge you assess and compare two PMO’s. The loser of each match-up is immediately eliminated from the tournament. Each winner will play another in the next round, until the final four match-up, whose winner becomes the PMO of the year. If you are the final one for a continent or country, you receive a continent or country PMO of the year award.

The PMO’s are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • PMO’s journey: strategy, consistency, adaptability, leadership, and the path that made the PMO become what it is today
  • Client service: the services/functions the PMO provides to its customers and stakeholders
  • Best practices: how the PMO is delivering its services/functions, methods, tools and techniques
  • Innovation: usage of innovation
  • Community: engagement, encouraging people to share experiences and lessons learned
  • Value generation: Benefits and results delivered by the PMO to its customers, stakeholders, and the organization.

My congratulations go to the four regional winners. The final winner is yet to be chosen but my work is done, and I am already looking forward to the 2022 award election.

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