Will the Project Manager survive in the agile world

This article is based on one of the key chapters of my Dutch book Scaling agile in organisaties and now available for my English readers too. Together with the article A new new bird’s eye view on the agile forest you have the most important chapters of this book. All other chapters are summaries of the most common scaling agile frameworks. These summaries can be found on this blog too.

To read/download Portman, H. (2021). Will the Project Manager survive in the agile world? Commentary, PM World Journal, Vol. X, Issue IV, April.

4 responses to “Will the Project Manager survive in the agile world

  1. Henny

    doet me denken wat we zeiden in presentatie aan projectmanagers bij ING in 2013

    Its about key “project management” responsibilities and tasks, not jobs
    1. Create key challenges
    continuous filled backlogs all phases
    continuous solution architecture roadmap development
    all deliverables and their dependencies for the complete E2E change
    2. Communicate key challenges
    be a shepherd rather than a conductor
    identify your exact role
    continuous stakeholder management
    3. Control key challenges
    continuous control balance between scope, time, quality and money of all involved teams
    continuous E2E release train management & planning
    4. Choose key challenges
    continuous budget funding decisions with continuous alignment other involved value chains based on continuous business cases
    5. Implementation key challenges
    remind that implementing agile attitude is a cultural change and it affects you personally
    switch style easily and swiftly when prompted

    Paul Witteman

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