Agendashift, a new tree in the agile forest

logo_loresI thought I now covered all agile ways of working but I failed (again). I found a new one. This time it’s Agendashift. A 21st century modern engagement model (developed by Mike Burrows) that is needs-based, outcome-oriented, continuous and open to help organizations grow wholeheartedness.

The model Agendashift does:

  • Help the change agent structure their engagement with their client organisation and its staff
  • help the client organization engage its staff meaningfully in change-related work
  • Help the transforming parts of the organization engage constructively with the rest of the organization, so that both will thrive.

overview 16x10

Agendashift is based on five principles:

  1. Start with needs
  2. Agree on outcomes
  3. Keep the agenda for change visible
  4. Manage options, testing assumptions
  5. organize for clarity of intent, speed of decision-making, and alignment of impact (mutual accountability).

in Agendashift we see five activities:

  1. Discovery (where we would like to go: remember the future, 5W, True North, 15-minute FOTO, Clean language)
  2. Exploration (prospecting for opportunities: 15-minute FOTO, Clean language, Cynefin)
  3. Mapping (plans & priorities visualized: (User) Story mapping, reverse STATIK, impact mapping, X-matrix)
  4. Elaborating (framing actions, testing our thinking: hypothesis-based change, Lean Startup, A3, Cynefin)
  5. Operation (change as real work: Lean Startup, Kanban, Scrum).

On the Agendashift website you can find more details, set-ups of workshops, templates, books, et cetera.

In my bird’s eye view in the agile forest I added Agileshift in the Culture-targeted box.

Agile (50 shades of gray Clarity User Society, 191105) v1.0

See my bird’s eye view blog for the complete article.

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