Review Official PRINCE2 Foundation App

1200x630waA companion learning tool to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. It’s based on a simple 3-step approach: study, practise and mock exams. You can do a quick test by topic or a full mock exam. You can review answers provided with explanations and results will be tracked by topic.

It can be used as a reference tool with a comprehensive glossary with search function across the whole App. The App contains a case study to bring PRINCE2 to life and offers links to continue your PRINCE2 journey.

On the main menu you have to choose between study or practice. In the study part you will be able to read a case study (Axle Car Hire) about project management and study for your exam with Study Cards (in total 240 questions). The case study contains 5 topics:

  • Introduction to PRINCE2: introducing the company, it’s vision, the project and the key employees
  • Principles: remarks from the key stakeholders in line with the principles
  • Themes: purpose and remarks from the key stakeholders in line with the themes business case, organization, quality and plans
  • Themes 2: purpose and remarks from the key stakeholders in line with the themes risk, change and progress
  • Processes: purpose and remarks from the key stakeholders in line with the processes starting up a project, directing a project (3 parts), initiating a project, managing a stage boundary, controlling a stage, managing product delivery and closing a project.

The study cards are in line with the five topics. When you give the right answer, you get an explanation why that’s the correct answer. If you give an incorrect answer you get an explanation why it’s incorrect.

In the practice part you can select a quick test or mock exam. The length of the quick test (min 10, max 30 minutes) and the number of questions (between 20 and 40) can be adjusted. The Mock exams are 60 questions in 60 minutes. The questions are the same as the study cards. 

Conclusion: In total 240 questions, which more than enough to prepare yourself for the foundation exam. The App could be of more value if the study cards are based on the case itself.

Some potential improvement points:

  • Navigation: if you mark a topic as read you imediatly get the next topic and before you know you mark that one as read too.
  • Navigation. Replace < on the top with HOME. If you use this as previous screen/previous question you have to start all over with the study cards. Or add a message in line with the mock exam.
  • In the case there is a reference to PRINCE2 role: Sponsor (incorrect, see glossary).
  • Some questions refer to the Commissioning organization (not in the glossary).



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  1. Very informative post! It helps a lot!

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