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PRINCE2 in practice: Building block update

Due to several comments, adjustments, remarks and improvement proposals I updated several of the building blocks to create most of the PRINCE2 Management Products like the Project Brief, PID, Work Package, High Light, End Stage and End Project Report, as described in my books De praktische Prince2, Prince2 in Practice and added some new building blocks.
See also: PMO (PRINCE2 building blocks, 110601) v2.0. I am looking forward to your reactions, experience, new comments, new ideas.

European Masterclass 2011, Lake Como, Italy

I will be one of the guest speakers of this European Masterclass 2011, Lake Como:

European Masterclass 2011, Lake Como:

Learn to apply European Best Practices

23rd of March 2011, Como, Italy. – QRP International proudly presents the First European Masterclass, 5 day program based on the international OGC standards PRINCE2- Project Management, MSP- Programme Management and P3O-Project, Programme and Portfolio Offices Guidance. The Masterclass will be held in English at the QRP Training Center at Lake Como, Italy.

The European Masterclass combines PRINCE2, MSP and P3O, Best Practices in Europe for Project, Programme and Portfolio Management, it shows how to apply this methodologies/guidances in a business environment.


Day 1 Benefit of applying PRINCE2
Day 2 How to improve your projects with PRINCE2 in a real scenario
Day 3 Benefits of applying MSP Programme Management
Day 4 How to improve your programmes with MSP in a real scenario
Day 5 Best Practices united in a PMO (P3O)
The European Masterclass will be conducted by three QRP lead trainers with the support of two major international experts in Best Practices, Emanuele Matteazzi-Manager Strategy & Planning PM DHL and Henny Portman-Head of Global Project Management ING Insurance Best Management Practice.

Two sessions are available, from the 20th to the 24th of June 2011 and from 12th to 16th of September 2011.

Senior Project Managers, Programme managers, and Senior Project managers aspiring being Programme managers will find this Masterclass- focused on practice- an in depth, concise and smart way to understand how to use and implement methods successfully oriented.

For more information see attached brochure: QRP_Masterclass Brochure 2011

PRINCE2: Principles in graphics (Pigs)

By coincidence I discovered a hidden quality by one of my PMO leads Sandor Szucs (Budapest, Hungary). I ‘pushed’ him to make use of this hidden talent by making some cartoons of the PRINCE2 principles. And he was enthusiastic about the process and the results. I already used them during one of my PRINCE2 training classes in Istanbul, Turkey as a short intermezzo and it definitely helped the candidates to memorize the PRINCE2 principles. As Sandor used pigs to express these principles it took me some time to find the connection but in the end it was simple. Just Principles in graphics (Pigs). Have a look and enjoy.

PRINCE2 (Principles in Graphics poster, 110305) v1.0

Interesting book: integrating prince2

PRINCE2: Project Organization

From time to time I receive requests to explain the project governance structure. Based on some video’s I found on YouTube I created a small video explaining the set up of a Project Management Team structure (PRINCE2 2009).
I would like to hear your comments and if you see a need for more of these simple videos to explain other PRINCE2 themes or principles.

A helping aid to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

PRINCE2 Manual supporting study tabs.

During several of my PRINCE2 training classes I saw attendees struggle with the PRINCE2 manual. It’s a 326 page document which many, many details. Having tabs in the manual, can make your life a little bit easier if you have to answer a question about e.g. the Project brief and within a split second you can open the book on the page describing the composition of the Project Brief. Or answer a question about threat responses. Where can I find the Risk Theme? People were creative and I have seen them working with post-its or plastic indices. I thought that it must be possible to create small tabs, which must be glued on the right places in the manual. After some try-outs I created tabs for all the management products, the themes, processes, principles and tailoring. If you print them on a sticker A4 than you only have to cut them out of the paper and stick them to the manual. To make your life even more easier I asked OGC, with a recommendation from Andy Murray, the lead author of the PRINCE2 manual, ‘Would be a great add-on!’ if it was possible to include this page in the manual and put on the correspondent pages a place marker for the tabs. At the end they said ‘We see this as a separate product and not a direct add-on to the PRINCE2 manual.’ A pity, but what about the Dutch PRINCE2 User Group? I spoke to Ruud Peltzer and he was directly very enthusiastic. He organized the funding and production and now it’s possible to order those tabs via your ATO or via the www.bpug.nl. Enjoy using the tabs and I hope it will help you to pass the PRINCE2 practitioner exam. If you have recommendations please let me know.

PRINCE2 Manual tabs A4 PDF

Cut every tab, stick, fold and stick/glue at the corresponding pages. The manual’s frontpage shows possible positions at the top or right hand side of the manual. The get a perfect result it’s easier to work from right to left and from the back to the front.

On request of one of my readers I created one with only black letters. see: PRINCE2 Manual tabs A4 (black)

Avoid PINO syndrome by adopting a tailor-made approach to PRINCE2

Many organizations encounter problems when introducing PRINCE2 and often ending up with PINO (PRINCE2 in Name Only). What makes it so difficult to implement this popular project management methodology? In this article I focus on the possibilities of tailoring the method to your project and embedding it into any organization. PINO happens because PRINCE2 has been insufficiently adapted to the specific situation in the organization. Having standard templates for the Project Initiation Documentation doesn’t automatically mean you work according to PRINCE2. You can find the complete article at pmtoday or in the Box folder ‘Prince2 in practice’, name PINO0610

PRINCE2 in practice: communication plan update

The current communication plan building block only contains the communication action plan. But before you can create these actions you must be aware of the background and the communication issue. What must be the result of the communication: knowledge transfer, change in attitude or behavior? The adjusted building block takes this into account.

The Communication Management Strategy describes the objective, the message, the planning, the means and those responsible for project communication.

Before you create your Communication Actions you must be aware about the background from a communication perspective. Are there negative emotions which need to be addressed? What is the communication issue in terms of knowledge, attitude and/or behavior? Based on this analysis it becomes clear what communication has to take place and this is your starting point to create the Communication Action Plan.

In terms of project communication, think of news letters on the corporate intranet, presentation sessions and formal reports for the benefit of the Project Board and the stakeholders.

For the purpose of the Communication plan an analysis of those involved (stakeholder analysis) is useful. Establish their interest in the results of the project. Ask yourself what information stakeholders need and how often they would wish to receive such information.

Decide how communication on project level is integrated within the Communications Plan on programme level if your project is part of a programme.