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MSP manual supporting tabs, a helping aid to pass your MSP practitioner exam

I am happy to announce that as of now, MSP practitioner candidates can make use of a simple aid to quickly find your way in the official MSP manual during e.g. your exam. These tabs (place marks) are developed in line with the successful tabs I developed for the PRINCE2 manual. The Best Practices User Group is the publisher of this aid.

You can order your copy at MSP manual suporting tabs

Due to the success of the PRINCE2 tabs the BPUG had already re-printed the PRINCE2 version and I am already aware of the first copycat.

I am looking forward to your reactions and of course a lot of success when you are studying for the MSP Practitioner exams

New book: MSP™ 2011 Edition – Quick Reference Card

Dear readers, I am happy to announce that my new Managing Successful Programmes Quick Reference Card is now available in the bookstores. This sturdy, easy to carry booklet offers a summary of MSP™ 2011 Edition. It gives you the possibility to get, in one glance, familiar with the Themes, the Principles and Process Model of MSP.
It is designed for people familiar with MSP, as a quick reference to MSP themes, processes, roles and programme information products.
  • Based on a Transformational Flow it shows how with programmes based on MSP transformation is achieved through a series of iterative, interrelated steps. Each process may require more than one iteration before the next one begins.
  • Clever fold out with tabs for each subject;
  • Printed on water proof material: it withstands coffee stains, etc.;
  • Available as a set of 5 booklets;
  • Endorsed by Best Practice User GROUP NL.

MSP Advanced Practitioner, helping aid 1

When you are studying to pass the MSP Advanced practitioner exam, it’s important to understand the relationship between themes and the transaction flow. The attached scheme shows you all themes and the most related activities within the processes of the transaction flow.














MSP (themes – processes, 111117) v1 Sheet1

MSP Manual tabs (draft)

Due to the success of the PRINCE2 manual tabs I created tabs for the MSP manual too. Please share me your thoughts. Do you want to add something or change? Please let me know before we give these tabs (probably together with the Best Practice User Group) into production.

MSP_tabs_2007_UK_drukversie 2010 v0.1