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Lean happy family game

leankwartetI received a ‘Happy family game’ regarding Lean offered by Symbol Business Improvement.

Several topics can be collected like Lean Thinking, Change Management, Lean Methods & Tools, Process Flows, Waste/Muda, and many more.

You can use this game for fun, to fresh up your memory and see if you understand the mentioned topics or as a simple Lean Quick Reference Card. Each card has a nice colorful pictogram or chart and corresponding explanation. See attached picture representing the topic Lean Thinking with the four cards: Flow, Pull, Lowering the water level and First time right.

At this moment, you see several scaling agile frameworks talking about the lean-agile mindset and embracing the Lean Start-up approach from Eric Ries. Here you will have a potential conflict when Lean Start-up talks about ‘Fail fast’ and Lean Thinking mentions ‘First time right’. So, it’s good to explain what we mean with ‘Fail fast‘ to avoid confusion.