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MSP Stakeholder management: The Stakeholder Register

Last week I published a refresh of MSP’ Stakeholder management. Based on feedback I updated the document. To download: MSP (Stakeholder management, 141128) v1.0. E.g. various people responded on the Communication Plan. They call it Engagement Plan, Commitment Plan or Intervention Plan. In MSP it’s called Communication Plan but the other names cover the purpose of the plan too, so choose the one that suits you best. Also I received feedback on the Stakeholder Map. Dia2I added the Stakeholder Influence/Interest matrix as shown in the MSP manual and the stakeholder position (strongly supportive, neutral and opponent) and who needs to become supportive for the programme to be successful, is shown too in this map.


To save time, and become not too bureaucratic, you can use the Stakeholder Register as a substitute for your Stakeholder Profiles. I attached a spreadsheet, which can fulfil this role.

Dia4To download:  Programme name (Stakeholder Register, 141128) v1.0

Success with the Stakeholder Register!