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Evidence-Based Management card deck

In January 2019 I published a blog about Evidence-Based Management. When I spoke at the Agile Tour 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania, I met, among others, Magdalena Firlit as one of the other speakers. She mentioned a card deck she developed to support her classes regarding Evidence-Based Management.

I just received some copies of that deck (really appreciated). If you look at the Evidence-Based Management quick reference card you see the four key value areas Evidence-Based management consists of (Current Value, Time to Market, Ability to Innovate and Unrealized Value).

qrc (evidence-based management, 190119) v1.0

To facilitate the discussion you could make use of this card deck. In the deck you have colored cards for each key area. Every card contains one of the Key Value Measures (KVM) and corresponding definitions. See picture for two examples of the cards (back and front).

EBM cards

I would say a nice example of creativity and definitely a valuable tool to facilitate discussions how to measure business value. See Magdalena Firlit’s blog too.