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App review: ILX PRINCE2® Snakes & Ladders Exam Prep Game

The ILX PRINCE2® Snakes & Ladders App was launched in March 2010 with the primary aim to help reinforce core elements of PRINCE2® Foundation and prepare candidates ahead of exams. The game, which can be played individually or connected via Bluetooth with up to four people, aims to reinforce key elements of the PRINCE2® Foundation course by testing the users with prompted questions within a familiar gaming environment. This app costs 0,79 Euro.

Snakes and Ladders (or Chutes and Ladders) is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. It is played between two or more players on a gameboard having numbered, gridded squares. A number of “ladders” and “snakes” (or “chutes”) are pictured on the board, each connecting two specific board squares. The object of the game is to navigate one’s game piece from the start (bottom square) to the finish (top square), helped or hindered by ladders and snakes, respectively. Every time when you throw a dice, you first have to correctly answer a PRINCE2 foundation question, before your game piece can be moved (by the number of squares indicated by the dice roll). The app contains 75 questions and can be upgraded with an additional 75 questions.

This game is a highly engaging mobile learning product and provides learners with the opportunity to test their PRINCE2 level knowledge in a fun and entertaining environment. To make it even more beneficial to the learner I would suggest adding an explanation to each question that can be reviewed after answering the question.

App review: iStudy P2 and Pass PRINCE2 from Panacea Solutions Limited

These apps will help you to determine your readiness for the PRINCE2 foundation exam. iStudy gives you 220 questions and costs 15,99 Euro and Pass PRINCE2 contains 70 questions and is for free.


Both apps have the same structure. You can select the following modes:

  • Study: randomized questions with no time limit
  • Exam: simulates the actual exam
  • Stress Test: create your own exam. Set the number of questions and the amount of time allowed for each question
  • Knowledge Area: test yourself on specific categories with no time limit
  • Results: results for taken exams

Both apps offer you the possibility to buy additional questions (3,99 Euro for a set of 50 questions). At this moment 200 additional questions can be bought (350 for the Pass PRINCE2 app).

So the key question will be: what are the extras you will get for the 15,99 Euro? Three sets of additional questions (worth 12 Euro) and for each question thorough explanations and a page reference to the official textbook for further reading. Also commercial ads are not shown.

App review: PRINCE2 from etpsolutions ltd

This app provides you a simplified view of PRINCE2. It will cost you 0,79 euro. It starts with a sort of self-developed process flow showing hyperlinks towards the 7 processes and a hyperlink to the themes. The process picture is a little bit confusing. Controlling project stages and Product delivery are presented as a wheel (representing iterations) which is fine but the Managing a Stage Boundary process is positioned between Controlling project stages and Product delivery and that’s confusing. See the picture on the left side.

For every process you will get one or two pages of text explaining the main tasks, skills required and outputs (template outlines). Tailoring is explained too.

In the app store it’s explained that the focus of the application is to help Project Managers to manage their project and not to prepare them for the PRINCE2 exams. I fully agree. Some PRINCE2 language has been changed and that will be confusing for examination candidates. I also miss the explanation of the seven principles.

Conclusion: if you need a PRINCE2 quick reference card this is not the right app, if you are familiar with PRINCE2 and need an overview of template outlines and when to use them this app can be helpful.

App review: PRINCE2 Project Management

This PRINCE2 Project Management app provides you a quick reference guide to better understand PRINCE2, it’s history, Principles, Themes and Processes. It will cost you 6,99 euro.  In the history chapter it’s mentioned that the current PRINCE2 version, version 2009 made simpler and more easily customizable. It’s a pity that e.g. the principles are added but I am not sure that the author really understands the principles. E.g. the principle “Continued Business Justification” is described as follows: Business justification – Creation of a business case, or Tailored – Elements of PRINCE2 can be used no matter the size of a project. For the rest, the app is based on the old 2005 version of PRINCE2. The 8 components are shown as the themes, the process overview still shows the Planning (PL) process and the products are also the 2005 products!

A nice part is the Step through PRINCE2 video (but also based on the 2005 version).  It explains, step by step the stages, levels of management, the processes and the most important management products.

Conclusion, if you need a PRINCE2 quick reference card, this is not the right app to buy due to the fact that it’s based on the PRINCE2 2005 version.

App review: PRINCE2 Examboost

This PRINCE2 Examboost app has been developed by Lagant Management Consultants and will help you to pass the Foundation examination. There is a free version and a paid version (2,39 euro). The free version contains 25 questions and the paid one contains 100 questions. Additional sets of 75 questions can be bought for 2,39.

It’s self-explanatory and contains multiple-choice questions. After answering, you will get an explanation and if you answered it correctly or not. You can monitor your results through the statistics screen.

If you look at the questions it can be a little bit confusing if you get questions with five answers to choose from. This is not in line with the official PRINCE2 examination where you only get 75 questions and each question will have four answers.

App review: IIL P2 iCoach (PRINCE2 exam prep)

The IIL P2 iCoach gives you access to 375 questions categorized by the seven Themes and seven Processes of PRINCE2. You can select Study Mode for instant feedback or Exam Mode to simulate a PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

After answering 75 questions you get a score breakdown by thems and processes. Answers are provided along with references to the PRINCE2 manual.

The app (7,99 Euro) will definitely help you to study for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

When a next version will be released I would suggest to make the following changes:

  • Make it possible to change your answer before you go to the next question
  • Hit the Back button will bring you to the previous question instead of re-start the exam
  • Remove the area (process, theme) at the top of the question because this gives sometimes the answer already. E.g. in what PRINCE2 process is …. And the answer is in the upper left corner.

App review: QA PRINCE2 Learning Aid

Just reviewed the QA PRINCE2 Learning Aid app for your iPhone or iPad. It’s a comprehensive tool to support you in studying for the PRINCE2 exams. It covers Principles, Themes, Processes, Management Products, Techniques, Roles & Responsibilities and Tailoring PRINCE2. It also includes the health check, here called the checklist, and the complete Glossary. The text is directly coming from the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 manual (including the corresponding chapter numbers). Principles are completely copied, for Themes the purpose chapter is copied including one important figure. For Processes all information like Purpose, Objective, Context and Activities (including hyperlinks to sub paragraphs about the individual activities) are copied.

A separate gallery offers 3 overviews. The Prince2 structure shows all Processes, Themes and Principles including hyperlinks. A chart shows all Process Activities with hyperlinks for each activity to the description, responsibilities and products. The last picture is the Project Lifecycle.

The final part is a test. You get 30 random questions on Foundation level. I found one question with a wrong answer (about the contract between PM and PB) and the rest is ok. You can redo the test and get, in most cases, new questions.

For me it’s amazing that this app is for free. You get a lot of information, some nice overviews and trial questions to prepare for an exam or just as reference material.