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Review: Out of the maze

9780525537298-480x600Spencer Johnson wrote Out of the maze, the sequel to the #1 bestseller and global phenomenon Who moved my cheese?

This stunning little sequel will help you unlock the riddle of whatever mazes you may be facing in your own life. And not only your own life. Think about the VUCA world where business agility is key. Things that may have been true yesterday suddenly are no longer true today.

In this little book we follow Hem (the one in Who moved my cheese? who believed that the old situation would return) and his new friend, Hope, on their journey, by thinking outside the box, to find their way out of the maze. Believes are put central in this fable. It’s not only cheese you can eat; an apple will work too and when they are gone you have to choose new beliefs. During their journey we learn the following particularities about beliefs:

  • Notice your beliefs
  • Don’t believe everything you think
  • Let go of what isn’t working
  • Look outside the maze
  • Choose a new belief
  • There are no limits to what you can believe

the way out of the mazeBeliefs are powerful things. A single stubborn belief can take down an entire company (Kodak?, Nokia?, BlackBerry?). People believe that how things have always been is how they’ll always be. But it never is.

You can read this little book in less than an hour and it gives you a multitude of hours to notice, exam and test your own beliefs and not necessarily discard them to find the way out of your own maze.

To order (Managementboek.nl): Out of the maze

To order (Bol.com): Out of the maze

Nederlandse versie: Breek los uit het doolhof

Spenser Johnson passed away in July 2017.

Agile behaviour

presentationThis week I was guest speaker at the ABN AMRO PPM event “Agile and the impact on the Project Professional’. A nicely varied program with topics like a house of common event with excitatory theorems reflecting their future in the agile world, a stand-up consultants session hosted by Op Sterk Water and my presentation about Agile behaviour.

My presentation was the starting point to trigger the audience (> 250 attendees) and to set the stage for the other sessions. ABN AMRO’s Head of Project Professionals Selvi Ayranci opened the session with a looking back/forward and closed the event. I am looking back at a fruitful session.