Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework

My ‘bird’s eye view on the agile forest’ gives a fairly complete picture of the different agile frameworks. I only adapt it when I come across really deviant frameworks. This time it’s MAHD.

Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework was developed by Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson. It is similar to agile for software methods, but with critical differences. The MAHD Framework uses the principles of Agile to develop physical products in less time, with reduced risk and with higher customer satisfaction. Many companies have attempted applying Agile for SW methods directly to physical products with mixed results. Teams often struggle since current Agile steps, techniques and even language were not optimized for hardware development. A modified Agile approach can leverage the power of Agile, while addressing the unique needs of hardware development. 

More detailed information can be found at:

I classified MAHD as product-targeted. For a copy the latest version of the article see: Bird’s eye view on the agile forest

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