Digital Transformation – 11-Step Ticking Clock Model

The Digital Transformation – 11-Step Ticking Clock Model visualizes the digital transformation journey that organizations go through: future thinking, centricity and future proofing. In Future Thinking, the leadership team strategically examines how digital will reshape their offer, the strategy and themselves. (This is important as many leaders need to digitally transform themselves before transforming the organization.) The second stage recognizes that digital transformation is not about tweaking the current business model but requires a whole business model transformation. It touches the business end to end, with the front and back end transforming as well as the culture. Too many digital transformations fail because the culture did not transform. The third stage ensures continuality and sustainability. A whole business model transformation takes time, and it requires new digital measures to track performance and new ways to present a large amount of data.

More information can be found can be found on

This model can be positioned in the culture-targeted box in my ‘Bird’s eye view on the agile forest’.

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