Agile 2 a new tree or just a small scrub in my agile forest?

Someone noticed me of Agile 2. If you look at the corresponding website, Agile 2 is positioned as the next iteration of agile. It’s still works in progress of a group of 15 authors.  You can find their case for Agile 2. Why they think agile is deeply broken and that they want to fix it. Among other things, in their opinion the Agile Manifesto says little pertaining leadership. 

The core of their guidance is about leadership. “Leadership is the most important thing of all in an organization: with good leadership, the initial methodology will not matter in the long run because it will be adjusted as needed; conversely, with bad leadership, the best methodology in the world will fail”.

At this moment the author group already agreed on the values and principles of Agile 2.

The six values are:

  1. Thoughtfulness and prescription
  2. Outcomes and outputs
  3. Individuals and teams
  4. Business understanding and technical understanding
  5. Individual empowerment and good leadership
  6. Adaptability and planning

Besides the values they see 10 principle categories:

  1. Planning, transition, and transformation
  2. Product, portfolio, and stakeholders
  3. Data
  4. Frameworks and methodologies
  5. Technical dimension and technical fluency
  6. Individual versus team
  7. Team versus organization
  8. Continuous improvement
  9. Focus
  10. Leadership

As stated, these are principle categories. Each category has its own principles. In total there are 43 principles. For me a principle must be universal, self-validating and empowering. 43 principles are far too much. I would suggest focusing on agile leadership and stay away from the rest otherwise I think this scrub will never become a tree in my agile forest.

See their website for more information:

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