The Digital Fluency Model

My quest continues and continues. The Digital Fluency model is the next one to add to my Bird’s eye view on the agile forest article (thanks to Zaher Alhaj).

Digital Fluency is about achieving what is required for your specific needs and goals and recognizing the importance of continually investing and evolving with your business and customers. The Digital Fluency Model will help you map out your aspired level of fluency for each building block (frictionless operating model, platform strategy, experience design & product capability, intelligence-driven decision making and engineering culture, delivery mindset) capability and identify the sensible default set of investments required to achieve your business goals. Fluency (awareness, focusing, executing, optimizing and strengthening) will be different for each capability, for each organization and even across different parts of the same organization.

Digital Fluency ModelThe Digital Fluency Model can be used to assess your digital (agile) transformation. According to this model, there are 5 digital capabilities:

  • Frictionless OperatingModel:  a smooth flow from business strategy to execution.
  • Platform Strategy: exposing core business capabilities easily as consumable services, providing self-service access to data, evolutionary #architecture patterns and advanced delivery infrastructure.
  • Experience Design & Product Capability:  building modern digital products and experiences iteratively through experimentation
  • Intelligence-Driven #DecisionMaking:  leveraging all data assets
  • Engineering Culture, Delivery Mindset: patterns and best practices of lean, iterative, and continuous delivery of software.

These capabilities are planned and monitored over 5-levels of fluency:

  1. Awareness (something needs to change in order to be successful)
  2. Focusing (Agree, plan and set up your change)
  3. Executing (Mastery of practices)
  4. Optimizing (Remove constraints)
  5. Strengthening (Reinforce across the business)

See for detailed information the corresponding website Digital Fluency Model

The digital Fluency Model makes use of the Agile Fluence Model. I position this model in the Culture-targeted box of my Bird’s eye view on the agile forest. See the corresponding article.Grasp session (Scaling Agile bron, 200414) v1.1

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  1. Bedankt voor het delen van zulke geweldige tips in je artikel.

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