If you need to structure, explain or summarize, use a canvas

images-2It all started with the success of the Business Model Canvas and due to that success, many more canvasses for different purposes were created. In several of my posts I showed one or more. It’s a perfect instrument to avoid bulky, inaccessible, standalone, and illegible documents. It’s also a tool that increases collaboration between all involved stakeholders and it will help to create buy-in.

On business level:


The business model canvas

value proposition

The value proposition canvas


The operating model canvas


Operational + value proposition + business model canvas:  The enhanced business model canvas

On portfolio level: The portfolio canvas


On program level:  The program canvas


On project level: the Project canvas


Kickoff canvas


On team level:  The team canvas


On change level: The change canvas


3 responses to “If you need to structure, explain or summarize, use a canvas

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  2. Great article !

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