Round table about Agile PMOs organised by Accenture

impression-agile-pmo-round-table-3-february-2016Last Thursday the 3rd of November, I gave my view on permanent and temporary PMOs during a Round Table about Agile PMO in Accenture’s Innovation Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Fifteen attendees from various organisations joined the session. We kicked off (see program at the bottom of this post) with an impact full high tech movie about Luna, a girl from 10 years old, what her world would be like in 10-20 years.

After the ball point game, I gave my vision. I explained (without slides, I only used a flip-chart) the role of temporary PMOs to support traditional projects and programmes and the role of permanent PMOs to support portfolio boards. Next I showed the usage of permanent agile teams with product owners and scrum masters and how the coördination, dependency management and integration can be managed without the usage of temporary PMOs, and what it means if you want to institutionalise this coördination by using frameworks like Nexus or SAFe or keep using methods like PRINCE2 Agile or AgilePM.
In stead of bringing people to the work (projects) we see bringing work to the people (flow). In both situations the permanent PMO exists but without project or programme pools and more focus on strategy alignment, QA and advise. To support standardization and facilitate long life learning the CoE as one of the functions of a central PMO will survive too.

Following my presentation, Michael Stump from SAFe corporation, shared his vision on Agile and PMO and the usage of a PMO in SAFe at portfolio level.


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