Review: Scrum Magic. Ultimate training guide to the agile framework.

51xkemdtrllDoug Purcell wrote the book ‘Scrum Magic. Ultimate training guide to the agile framework‘ that will help you to pass one of the basic Scrum Master exams.

I would say that with this book you will get a lot of flesh on the scrum bones (as offered by the official Scrum Guide).

To set the scenery the author begins with the explanation of waterfall, agile and kanban and discusses the pros and cons and compares waterfall and kanban with scrum. 

After getting an eagle eye view of scrum including the roles product owner, scrum master, development team and stakeholders we follow the sprint lifecycle planning phase, execution phase, and closing phase.

  • Planning phase: sprint planning and estimation strategies including story points and the comparison with man-hours, planning poker, fist of five and user story best practices
  • Execution phase: daily scrum meeting with dos and don’ts and monitoring progress
  • Closing phase: sprint review with dos and don’ts and group roles, sprint retrospective best practices.

The author starts every time with a bullet list coming from the Scrum Guide and elaborates on the different topics using more detailed theory and own best practices, dos and don’ts and FAQs. You also get for each chapter the used sources (books, websites), and a quiz to help you study the material (in total you get 130 sample questions and a rationale for the answers.

In the appendices you find an overview of different agile certifications as well as project management certifications (the last is unnecessary). The explanation and reference of several agile related websites/blogs is valuable and will trigger you to have a look.


If you want to go for a scrum master certification this book is definitely worth to read and practice the questions and using the rationale to really understand and prepare yourself for the examination. If there is no need for certification this book will still be useful to get a practical understanding of using Scrum.

To order: Scrum Magic

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