BPUG session 6/1/2016: PRINCE2 Agile: Agilometer workshop results

Wednesday Jan 6th, I gave a presentation regarding PRINCE2 Agile for the BPUG. You can find the presentation on the BPUG site. I would say a lively session with lots of positive and enthusiastic reactions.

I started with a short visual movie created by Kirsten Casper from Hedeman Consulting.

2016-01-06 23.43.39In the second part of this session we focussed on the Agilometer. In the attached figure you see the three management levels and the Agilometer. The Agilometer will help to understand how far the agile thinking can rise up or how far the PRINCE2 thinking can cascade down. When a suitability slider, e.g. “Flexibility on what is delivered” is moved to the right (becomes completely yellow) we have a project where agile thinking is maximized. At the opposite side (slider to the left (completely blue) the PRINCE2 thinking is completely cascaded down.


The official manual only describes the full agile situation. In this situation the sliders are all moved to the right.

2016-01-08 19.04.34-2In 12 groups we discussed the definition and example behaviour of the missing situations. Due to time constraints we focussed on the left side, the traditional approach and the middle where parts from the traditional PRINCE2 as well as the agile world are equally combined.

‪I added all your comments in the 6 slides and with great help from Richard Metcalf (one of the attendees) these were translated in understandable sentences.

Dia2‪To download all six slides (sliders): PRINCE2 Agile (BPUG 160106 agilometer results) v1.3

Feel free to comment on the results till so far.

‪As a next step I will generate a final version using your feedback and other material such as the questionnaires from KWD Resultaatmanagement (Agile Geschikt/Ongeschikt) and the Project Approach Questionnaire from AgilePM.

5 responses to “BPUG session 6/1/2016: PRINCE2 Agile: Agilometer workshop results

  1. Beste Henny,

    Ik heb het gedeeld in mijn organisatie. Opmerkingen stuur ik je door. Ben uiteraard ook benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden om toch te gaan voor certificatie op dit onderdeel terwijl mijn Prince2 is verlopen.

  2. @Ulrike, ik zie uit naar jullie feedback. Mijn mailadres is henny.portman@planet.nl

  3. @Ulrike, mijn ervaring is dat als je je her-certificatie doet de termijn van 5 jaar jaar rekbaar is.
    Daarnaast is het mogelijk om lid te worden van het professional development programme van Axelos: https://www.axelos.com/professional-development
    en je daar een actief ‘PRINCE2 digital badge’ hebt verdiend, je ook op kan gaan voor het PRINCE2 Agile examen.

  4. Hi Henry,
    Great article, you and your readers may be interested in some free tools we have developed to undertake a health check for PRINCE2, we have also a Agile-Scrum check list, both are designed for users to check they are on track with their chosen methodology. Please take a look at http://www.totalprogrammecontrol.com

    Comments and feedback are always welcome


  5. Beste Henny, Je beschrijft dat je een next step gaat doen, met nog andere bronnen erbij. Is dat nog gerealiseerd, en is het resultaat ergens te vinden?
    hartelijke groet, Rob

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