Review: Transforming business with program management

transCRC Press sent me the book Transforming business with program management by Satish P. Subramanian. The book is part of their Best Practices and Advances in Program Management Series.

The book is build around a roadmap for transformation program success and every component is covered in a chapter:

• Problem
• Vision
• Sponsorship
• Governance
• Outcomes
• Approach
• Engagement
• Leadership
• Monitor
• Transition

Dia1In total 15 key techniques to facilitate successful business transformation are described in these chapters. See the attached figure showing the 15 techniques and the program lifecycle. For every key technique you will get an overview, objective, approach and detailed steps to be taken. Every chapter ends with a related case study. To download: QRC (A holistic, structured, and rigorous PgM)

The 15 explained techniques are:

  1. Environment scanning
  2. Voice-of-customer
  3. Strategic alignment
  4. Business performance calibration
  5. Program value justification
  6. Governance modeling
  7. Governance policy design
  8. Performance improvement measurement
  9. Business-outcome modeling
  10. Program architecture
  11. Organization change management
  12. Transformation program planning
  13. Stakeholder expectation management
  14. Value-enhancement analysis
  15. Walk through

The book compares the explained four-phase program lifecycle with the PMI standard for Program Management. For the users of MSP I made the comparison too.


Great book describing a complete program management method including many techniques which can be applied within other programme management frameworks too.

A little bit confusing are the different life cycles in the book. The book itself is constructed around a roadmap for transformation program success (from Problem – Vision – Sponsoring… to Monitor – Transition). There is a four phase / eight step program lifecycle (from Formulate program strategy … to Sustain outcome delivery) and there is a solution life cycle (from Business problem defined … to Business outcome sustained) and in the text there are references to the transformation lifecycle.

And not clear why their is a last chapter Executive summary  because the first chapter Executive overview describes more or less the same.

To order the book: Transforming business with program management

5 responses to “Review: Transforming business with program management

  1. Swinkels, JJAT (ITDSOI) - KLM

    Henny, a small mistake has slipped in the comparison with MSP: “Managing the Tranches” is mentioned twice…
    Best Regards, Johan

    • Hi Johan,
      In this case on purpose. Within MSP, and as part of a tranche we focus on delivering the capabilities as well as realizing the benefits. In this book it are two sequencial steps and the tranche concept is lacking

  2. thanks for the comparison with MSP, very clear!

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