IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4)

2015-10-03 14.04.51During the IPMA World Congress 2015 in Panama the new IPMA Individual Competence Baseline for project, Programme & Portfolio Management, 4th Version, was launched.

The old ICB3 describes 46 competence elements covering techniques of project management (20 technical), the professional behaviour of project management personnel (15 behavioural competences) and the relations with the project’s context (20 contextual competences).

This new version describes three domains of expertise extant in business today:

  • Project management
  • Programme management
  • Portfolio management

Each domain contains the 29 competence elements organized in three competence areas (see also the attached QRC: ICB4 (QRC, 151003) v1.0):

  • People; defining the personal and interpersonal competences required to succeed in projects, programmes and portfolios (10 People competences)
  • Practices; defining the technical aspects of managing projects, programmes and portfolios (14 Practice competences; number 14 Select and balance is not applicable for projects)
  • Perspective; defining the contextual competences that must be navigated within and across the broader environment (5 Perspective competences).


ICB4 (QRC, 200329) v1.0To download: ICB4 (QRC, 200329) v1.0

The book (416 pages) describes all competences for project, programme and portfolio managers separately. It contains cross-references to the ISO21500 and ISO21504 and to the old ICB3.

For each competence you will get the definition, purpose, description, knowledge, skills and related competence elements and a related set of key competence indicators (description and measures).

To download the ICB4: to download: ICB4

6 responses to “IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4)

  1. Peter Westerhof

    Alas the ICB4 is not yet available for download at the IPMA.CH-site.

  2. As soon we know the new exam objectives, we will publish our new book ‘Project management op basis van de NCB4’ for the IPMA-D, IPMA-C and IPMA-PMO exams. Most probably this will be available the 1e quarter of 2016.

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