Project sponsor commitment

pmi-exec-sponsor-engagementThe Project Success Scan showed that in 65% of the recorded projects, there is no support or active promotion by top management. See related posts.

A recent report “Executive sponsor engagement, top driver of project and programme success” from PMI and BCG uncovers three primary factors that can limit or inhibit sponsors’ ability to be effective: an organizational culture that leads to sponsors being overextended; inefficient communication; and lack of professional development of sponsors.

This PMI’s Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report addresses these factors and used feedback from 897 project management professionals and 232 project executive sponsors.

Some key takeaways that lead to better project outcomes:

The areas where executive sponsors most help projects and programmes:

  • Rallying support of senior management;
  • Intervention on escalated issues;
  • Removal of roadblocks;
  • Stakeholder management;
  • Championing the project.

The most important project sponsor skills:

  • The ability to influence stakeholders;
  • The ability to work across different stakeholder groups to find win-win solutions;
  • Leadership;
  • Decision making;
  • Effective communications.

Definitely a must read for project executives and project / programme managers.

To download the report, follow the link to PMI’s website: Executive sponsor engagement

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