Do we need electroshocks to create transparency?

IMG-20150416-WA0000Last week I published a post regarding transparency. Today I gave a presentation at Fortes Best Practice seminar at Groot Kievitsdal, Baarn. Fortes managed to have a nice audience of about 150 people.

The title of my presentation: “The PMO as a flywheel for pragmatic programme management”.

In this presentation transparency was among other things one of the topics. When a project or programme manager reports a green status, it must be green. As a metaphor I used a melon. A melon can be green from the outside but red inside. Many project or programme managers make use of this melon indicator and hiding the real status. In one of the next slides a showed a picture of Jack Nicholson eating a melon. He wasn’t really transparent when he played his role of a madman in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. We know the end, when they used electroshocks and he really became a madman. Will this be the next tool for a PMO or portfolio manager to get transparent and correct project or programme status reports?

To download: PMO fly wheel (Fortes pres, 150416) v0.8

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