Transparency by the Project Manager

4e0325a51bf24Last week I visited the exhibition In search of meaning (Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle, Netherlands). One of the statues was from the British sculptor Antony Gormley. This artist created many statues and the picture shows one of my favorites (was not on the exhibition).

This is what I call transparency. And transparency is something that becomes more and more important in the world of projects. At last I would say.

I see the following reasons for more transparency:

  • Senior managers want to have more successful projects and want to know what is really happening;
  • External stakeholders like the DNB or AFM want to know the real status of change initiatives;
  • Project managers want to inform much earlier how they are progressing. They are not there to please their project executive;
  • Project managers want to show, by using the right RAG status that they have their projects under control. To report Amber and explain the options they are investigating to bring the project on track again, shows that they are really in control. This also gives project executives the chance to intervene. Compare this with a situation where a project manager surprises the project executive with a Red status;images-12
  • Transparency means: I have nothing to hide;
  • Transparency means: my green RAG status is really green and is not a melon;
  • Transparency will help other project managers to manage dependences.

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