PRINCE2 in pictures: The TAG-PM PRINCE2 Trigger MAP

Dia1It’s already a while ago that I used the tag PRINCE2 in pictures. I received a nice overview of PRINCE2 containing all triggers to and from all the processes. It’s called the TAG-PM PRINCE2 Trigger Map from Trans Atlantic Group (TAG). Besides the graph you will also get an explanation of the flow within and between the processes. You will also see where most of the Management Products are created or used.

To download: PRINCE2 Trigger Map EN Poster v010212

For those who are studying for their PRINCE2 exam this is a nice and simple aid to support their study.

In a next version I would suggest a few small adjustments:

  • Add some missing Management Products: Issue Report (from CS4 Capture and Examine Issues and Risks to CS5 Review Stage Status), include Project Product Description and Business Case as part of PB and PID and add Product Descriptions to the different plans. Lessons Report could be added to the End Stage/Project Report. If you add Management Strategies to the PID you are complete.
  • I would also give a try to eliminate those process activities, which are mentioned more than once. E.g. DP5 is showed 3 times, but I could also see that it helps to understand the flow. You could add End Stage Report to the output of white box SB.
  • Divide SU in two steps. One step to create the Project Brief and another step to create the Initiation Stage Plan. If there is no viable outline Business Case it doesn’t make sense to create the Initiation Stage Plan.
  • Because this is a trigger map I would suggest to add the formal PRINCE2 triggers/events to the map as well. E.g. the requests to, the notifications, the recommendations, etc.

But as stated definitely helpful if you are preparing yourself for the exam. If you already want to have complete pictures showing all management products and where the are created, used and/or updated, all events, processes but also the principles, themes and roles and responsibilities have a look at my handy PRINCE2 Quick Reference Card. See Prince2 2009 Edition Quick Reference Card

5 responses to “PRINCE2 in pictures: The TAG-PM PRINCE2 Trigger MAP

  1. Nice map!
    And indeed your PRINCE2 Quick Reference Card is very handy. I actually used it in March 2013 at a projectmanagement training I gave in Zambia. It was very helpfull documentation to give to the people who attended this training.

  2. Hi,

    The trigger map download link doesn’t work for me. Can you help please?


  3. problem solved. I embedded the pdf.

  4. Super thanks!

  5. Henry, thanks for this which is definitely a helpful post for PRINCE2 students. We find many PRINCE2 tutors advise their students to look at Project in a box as a great way of reinforcing PRINCE2 documentation and flows both in support of exam preparation and also to help with the transition back from the classroom to applying it in the real world.

    Helpful video intro on You tube here:
    and link to download the tools here:

    The tools are totally free so a great assistance addressing this serious challenge of turning learning into practical capability.



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