New Agile Programme Management certification (Agile PgM)

Agile PgMFriday September 26, I joined the APMG’s Agile PgM trainer briefing session in London, England. We received presentations from the authors Steve Messenger and Jennifer Stapleton to explain Agile PgM.

The Agile PgM framework is based on the philosophy that an agile programme delivers what is required when it is required – no more no less.

Agile PgM consists of four elements: philosophy, 5 principles, 6 processes and 6 themes.

Principles are related to business strategy alignment, incrementally realised benefits and as early as possible, decision-making at the lowest possible level, governance focuses on creating a coherent capability and agile programmes are iterative and contain both agile as non-agile projects.

The six processes are Pre-Programme, Programme Feasibility, Programme Foundations, Capability Evolution, Tranche Review and Programme Close. The themes or knowledge areas are related to Roles, Governance, Stakeholder engagement, communication and management, Planning, Management and control and Quality Management. (Management) products are given too. All products will evolve. See attached QRC. Agile PgM (QRC, 140926) v1.0

Dia1aFor those who are familiar with MSP you will see a lot of similarities. You could use MSP for Agile programme management. MSP is iterative, it uses the tranches in the same way as Agile PgM. you could say that Agile PgM is MSP with a strong emphasis on:

  • Getting feedback on iterations (Retrospective in Capability Enablement or during Tranche reviews).
  • Incremental delivery of capabilities and benefits.
  • Need to evolve everything. Don’t create a complete projects dossier or a detailed blueprint for all the tranches but start with the first tranche.
  • The Programme Business Case will evolve too.
  • Decisions must be taken at the lowest possible level.

For me this is the way to use Agile PgM. Start with MSP and emphasis on these agile aspects. If you start with Agile PgM (without the MSP knowledge) you will miss several themes or knowledge areas that MSP or other programme management frameworks provide (e.g. Risk Management, Information Management, or Benefits Management). Most of the roles will have an equivalent in MSP except the Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator. MSP could benefit from this role too.

At the end of the day we all did the Agile PgM exam. I passed the exam and obtained the necessary trainer pass mark.

4 responses to “New Agile Programme Management certification (Agile PgM)

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  2. Take a look on fresh overview of AgilePfM framework as an interactive mind map:

  3. Hello Henny, thanks for the post, it is very interesting to me the lines you wrote related to MSP Vs Agile PgM.

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