MoP Practice 2: Categorize. How to define groups or segments?

Dia1The purpose of the categorize practice is to organize change initiatives into groups, segments or sub-portfolios to make it easier for senior management to understand what initiatives are part of the portfolio and how they will contribute to e.g. the strategic objectives of the organization. It will also help to decide on the balance of the portfolio across the different categories and on the optimum use of available resources (funding, people). Allocation of available resources across the different segments must reflect the strategic alignment of each segment. Each group or segment can have its own investment criteria to appraise and prioritize.

Dia04This article is divided into the following paragraphs:

  • Reflection on a simple portfolio
  • Categories or segments
  • Agile development teams
  • Building your segmented portfolio
  • Keys to successful categorization

To download: MoP (practice 2 Categorize, 140926) v0.1

This post will be used in a new book MoP practices in practice, for portfolio managers who want to embed the MoP theory in their organization. In the coming months several blog posts and articles will be published waiting for your feedback. To see all, select the tag MoP_practices_in_practice.

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