Integrating PRINCE2

default.aspx-2Alan Ferguson did a great job in writing this new book about Integrating PRINCE2. I was happy to be part of Alan’s support team in the role of mentor when he wrote this book.

This practical guide shows you how to embed PRINCE2 within your organization and tailor the method to your specific work environment and business context.

Complementing and expanding on the guidance in the PRINCE2 manual, this publication covers a divers range of situations, using case studies based on real experience. You will find out how to assess a project to determine what level of tailoring is required, and how to embed PRINCE2 effectively within your organization to enhance the benefits of using this method.

The author, Alan Ferguson, is vastly experienced in project management and a leading figure in the development of PRINCE2. By bringing project management to life, he shows you how to make PRINCE2 work for you and your circumstances.

A must-read for those who want to get the most out of putting PRINCE2 into practice and enjoy improved delivery as a result.

To order: integrating prince2

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