Whitepaper Managing Agile Projects

9789401800075-240x300A stated in a previous post, I wrote together with Bert Hedeman and Ron Seegers, the book Managen van agile projecten. It’s in Dutch but for English readers we wrote the whitepaper: Managing Agile Projects – Whitepaper – EN

Everyone Agile?

No! But for sure, Agile can be used easily and effectively in any project where a strong cooperation with users is required. Does this mean then that Agile as such is sufficient? No again! Almost all Agile approaches lack the higher governance layers and that’s why with only an Agile approach, you cannot manage changes properly.

How then to manage Agile projects? And how to manage Agile projects in combination with other types of projects? To answer these questions the book “Managing Agile Projects” has been written1. In this book, the authors have made use of Atern®; the only Agile approach that includes the higher governance layers in order to be able to manage projects.

Apart from the principles of the Atern philosophy and its use to manage Agile projects, the book discusses why (not) to use Agile in projects at all, and how to use Atern in combination with other methods such as PRINCE2®, Scrum, Lean Six Sigma and XP. Furthermore, the book describes best practices how to manage Agile projects and how to combine Agile with these other approaches.

In this whitepaper, you get an overview of these approaches.

Bestellen boek: Managen van agile projecten

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