P3O roles QRC

During my last training several candidates talked about project support (or project office) in terms of administrative and secretarial support. Of course this one of the tasks to fulfill but there are much more roles which could be positioned within the office.

Within the Project, program me and portfolio offices you can find generic & management roles and functional roles. In attached overview these roles are positioned in the different (temporary) offices or groups. To download: QRC (P3O roles, 140522) v1.1

Management Roles:

  • P3O sponsor
  • Head of Programme or Project Office (Temporary office)

Generic roles:

  • Portfolio Analyst
  • Programme or Project Specialist
  • Programme or Project Officer

Functional roles:

  • Benefits and value role
  • Commercial role
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement role
  • Information Management role
  • Consultancy and Performance Management role
  • Finance role
  • Issue role
  • Change Control role
  • Planning role
  • Quality Assurance role
  • Resource Management role
  • Risk role
  • Reporting role
  • Secretariat/Administrator role
  • Tools Expert role



2 responses to “P3O roles QRC

  1. Stuart Dixon

    I think this is a good representation, however there are a few more you may want to put in the CoE as that will set standards for things like issue, change, risk as well as offering a consultancy service when new projects or programmes setup.
    It should be noted as well that in the 2013 version that the management and generic roles got separated to be management roles and generic roles

  2. hennyportman

    Thanks Stuart, I have updated the QRC.

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