Project boards, a play for three roles and a project manager

vivian sassen 3 gentlemen2892A great picture from Vivian Sassen, a Dutch photographer. What does it show? Three project board members running away or coming together for a swift decision? Are they available, do they have authority and credibility?

Three people, three roles, representing the Project Executive, the Senior User and the Senior Supplier, answering the questions: is it still worthwhile to continue with the project, will it bring the projected benefits, and can we build it?

What will happen is swift decision making is not guaranteed? Look at Cheetah’s law supporting the second Chaos report success factor of executive support, which states that swift decisions are typically better than analysis paralysis. Project success depends heavily on fast and decisive decisions. Three roles accountable for project success, providing unified direction, ensuring effective communications and providing visible and sustained support. What about you, your project, your project board? Do they bring added value to your project?

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