Excel tips and tricks for project managers

images-6I just received a mail from Doug H.  Doug created video tutorials on Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint to teach you about how to do useful stuff and impress people! A new video is post every weekend. See his blog: www.exceltraining101.com/home 

In his mail he explained 7 examples potentially useful for project managers. Have a look and on youtube can can find many more. Feel free to comment. Doug is looking for feedback on what other common ways PMs use Excel and if you have insight please let him know.

Do you want to manage your projects but don’t need a heavy duty tool like Microsoft Project?  Or maybe there are some things you wanted to do but didn’t want to learn a new tool to create a checklist or agenda plan? If you’ve got a copy of Microsoft Excel, you already have a tool that can perform a lot of project management tasks.  Want to learn how?  Here’s some videos to show you…

    • Create a Basic Gantt Chart – A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that helps visualize the start and end dates of project tasks.
    • Create a Work Breakdown Structure – The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) shows the hierarchical view of a project into phases or deliverables.  The WBS is presented either in a diagram (more common) or text format. This video show how to create the text form with the numbered notation.
    • Create a Checklist – A simple checklist “tool” to show items either checked off or not done.
    • Create a Thermometer Chart – A thermometer chart shows an actual versus target metric. Good to show how well something is doing against a goal.
    • Create a Bullet Chart – The bullet chart is an extension of the thermometer chart that show not only a  actual versus target metric. It also shows qualitative ranges such as poor, average, or good.  This type of chart was created by visualization guru Stephen Few.
    • Create a Pareto Chart – Based on the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule.  This is a combination column/line chart that shows the 80/20 principle in visual form.

2 responses to “Excel tips and tricks for project managers

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  2. Quite impressed to know that Microsoft Excel can be used in a variety of ways for better management over projects.

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