App review: PRINCE2 terms by PROJstudy or PRINCE2 Datrix Terms

projimages-4In previous blog posts I already reviewed several PRINCE2 apps. I just came across two new PRINCE2 apps, but they are the same so one review is enough.

  • ProjStudy from
  • PRINCE2 Datrix from

These apps are for free and have the following four functions:

  • search for a PRINCE2 term
  • view all PRINCE2 terms
  • Random challenge
  • must know PRINCE2 terms

Both apps give you 124 PRINCE2 terms and their definitions (+ reference to the related chapter in the PRINCE2 manual). You could search or use the random challenge to test your own knowledge. Based on a definition you have to choose the right term, or the other way around, based on a term you must select the right definition. For foundation candidates a quick test to see if you understand all terms. The must know terms are a subset from all terms (90 in total).

See my other posts for the other PRINCE2 apps or select the app tag on my blog or look at the attached PRINCE2 app overview.  PRINCE2 (App overview, 131222) v1.0

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